Elizabeth Jane Catch Report 07/07/2019


Ryan from Queenborough with a nice Black Bream out fishing on Elizabeth Jane today!

Sea Otter Catch Report 26/05/2019


Marvin with a nice Pollock caught using lures out on the Sea Otter.

Elizabeth Jane Catch Report 27/05/2019


Young Sam Mccloud with a nice 7lb Pollock, showing his dad how to do it out fishing on Elizabeth Jane over the weekend.

Elizabeth Jane Catch Report 26/05/2019


Kent angler Gary Greenhill with some nice Pollock out fishing on Elizabeth Jane over the weekend.

Elizabeth Jane Catch Report 25/05/2019


Bob from Bexleyheath with a fine ballan wrasse fishing out on Elizabeth Jane today.

Sea Otter Catch Report 30/03/2019


Fantastic fishing today. We found lots of herring and mackerel first thing on a sand bank for bait and was used to catch an impressive amout of skate and the odd smoothound.

Elizabeth Jane Catch Report 30/03/2019


John from Bexley in Kent with a 14lb Blonde Ray fishing onboard Elizabeth Jane today

Elizabeth Jane Catch Report 30/03/2019


Mike from Gravesend with a brace of nice Pollock onboard Elizabeth Jane 

Sea Otter Catch Report 23/03/2019


Nice few Plaice inshore for Mr Chapman and crew.

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 02/03/2019


Callum flannery from the isle of sheppey with a nice blonde ray which weighed 9lb 8 oz, that was Callum’s first ever blonde ray fishing on board Elizabeth Jane today, well done!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 23/02/2019


Few skate for Mr Beaney and crew on saturday. Had my Plaice rod out most of the day, dropped loads but landed some in the end, best at 40cm and rest over 30cm!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 17/02/2019


Adam from Essex with a 7lb 8oz Pollock, he also had a small turbot later in the day whilst out onboard Elizabeth Jane over the weekend.

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 07/01/2019


Tom Ottway from Cranbrook with a fine 15lb blonde ray fishing onboard Elizabeth Jane today, the fish put up a terrific fight down tiding on light gear, well done Tom!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 28/12/2018


Kent angler Gary Greenhill with a 9lb Pollock and Essex angler Gavin Lee with a fine 13lb Pollock caught on Elizabeth Jane today!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 24/11/2018


James Miller with a nice 7lber caught on Elizabeth Jane today!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 21/10/2018


Mr Gaunt with a superb condiditon Bass!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 20/10/2018


Clive with a beautiful gurnard caught onboard sea otter whilst enjoying some glorious October weather!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 06/10/2018


Shane and crew onboard today. The skate curse continues for us as our target species was no where to be seen. Lads still had and good day out and enjoyed themselves. Shane had the heaviest skate at 11lb but unfortunatley i have no photo. Here is Ginge with one of his rays.

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 06/10/2018


Bexley angler, John Tettmar with some nice Black Bream out fishing on Elizabeth Jane today. The lads also hooked some nice Tope but only landed one, stronger line next time lads!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 30/09/2018


Jack and Chloe onboard today. A rolly start to the day but soon fined away to be a lovely afternoon. Here is Chloe with a superb 10lb Tope caught on a Mackerel strip!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 30/09/2018


James Miller and crew with a good day on the Bream out fishing on Elizabeth Jane today

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 29/09/2018


Tony and crew enjoying some mixed fishing onboard the Sea Otter today

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 29/09/2018


Jeff and crew from the Isle Of Sheppey had some nice Bream, they also had Skate, Tope and a strap Congar making up a nice mixed bag for the Kent lads out on Elizabeth Jane over the weekend.

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 16/09/2018


Sid Webb and crew from Bexley Heath with a 6lb cod and some nice Black Bream on board Elizabeth Jane today.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 16/09/2018


Day 2, Another fantastic trip with the Collier crew. A Great weekend with a great bunch of guys, A pleasure to have you all on board. 

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 15/09/2018


Day 1 on the brean and other summer species with the Collier crew!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 15/09/2018


Kent angler Gary Greenhill with a 25lb Tope onboard Elizabeth Jane today, Welll done Gary!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 09/09/2018


Barry and crew onboard having a go at the rays in the shelter of the land!

Here is Richard about to land his first ever Ray. Well done mate!

"Fair Chance" Catch Report 02/09/2018


Tried for a plaice today, with the Crocken Hill Boy's, the going was slow, with 1 or 2 better ones for Neil and Big Cliff, a number of Dabs, Gurnard and plenty of Greater Weaver! Cliff managed to land a 14 lb Tope on his Plaice gear. Stopped for a few Bream on the way home on the wrecks. Beautiful day to be afloat.

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 01/09/2018


Regular anglers Gavin and Gary enjoying some good sport conger fishing with 5 fish and 3 around the fifty pound mark! They also had some Black Bream onboard Elizabeth Jane today. All eels returned alive.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 01/09/2018


A few bream for Terry and crew.

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 19/08/2018


Ken from London with a bonus 5lb Lobster out on Elizabeth Jane today.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 18/08/2018


Shane Beale and crew having a go at the Bream.

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 18/08/2018


Chris with a nice Bull Huss out on Elizabeth Jane today.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 11/08/2018


Young Robert on his first boat fishing trip landed this lovely 8lb ray. Well done mate!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 05/08/2018


Rob and crew from North Kent had some good Bream fishing out on Elizabeth Jane over the weekend!

Elizabeth Jane Catch report 25/06/2018


Phil from London with a 5 1/2 lb bass which was photographed and returned alive Well done Phil, fishing on Elizabeth Jane today

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 22/07/2018


Dave Parkin and crew from Essex with some nice Tope to 25lb out ojn Elizabeth Jane

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 21/07/2018


Chris and Ray with a couple of nice sized codling fishing on Elizabeth Jane 

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 24/06/2018


Some nice size pollock for Derek regan and crew from Kent out on Elizabeth Jane today

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 9/6/18


Dave Parkin with a nice plaice aboard Elizabeth Jane

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 03/06/2018


A very enjoyable last couple of days with the collier family and Simon Newman onboard! Both days had plaice as the target species. Saturday was thick fog with a sloppy sea from the south west, plaice and greater weaver were boated along with a few scarce mackerel. Biggest fish going to David. Sunday boasted more or less the same fishing with the addition of 5 reasonably sized thornbacks however it was accompanied by bright sunshine, 0 mph winds and water like glass. Biggest fish going to David again! Nice breakfast rolls and steak rolls both days supplied by Mr Newman! Thankyou. All of this weekends antics was washed down with a few beers at the designated debriefing office (Pilot).

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 28/05/2018


Today's fun in the sun! Group of lads on today from the south. The best part of being a skipper of a charter boat is seeing someone break their personal best and more so catch their first fish! Below is a picture of Archie from London with his first skate. Well done mate!


"FairChance" Catch Report 24/05/2018


Fairchance fishing today 01797 363544 Dungeness. Croydon crew out today, after leaving all their Bait on shore, managed to catch a couple of Mackarel, a nice plump 5 lb 8 oz Turbot for Paul Sarkie, Thornback Ray and a 4 lb Codling also caught.

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 20/05/18


Regular local angler Derek Regan with a nice plump spring cod caught on Elizabeth Jane today.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 13/05/18


New PB Spur for the skip 17lb+, Fish was photographed weighed and released!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 12/05/2018


Kent angler Gary Greenhill with a nice Pollock out on Elizabeth Jane today!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 22/04/2018


Malcolm and his crew aboard the Sea Otter on a lovely calm day! A few Rays and Plaice was the order of the day. Well done Lads!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 22/04/2018


Derek Regan and his crew from Kent with some nice Cod and Pollock onboard "Elizabeth Jane today.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 21/04/2018


Nigel Beaney and family onboard today. Nice few rays caught!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch report 21/04/2018 


Eddie and crew from London with some nice Pollock onboard "Elizabeth Jane" today.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 15//04/2018


Great day today. A few Plaice inshore and a few other species out on the bank. Foggy start to the day with flat calm seas. Very enjoyable having Becky, Mark, John and Ian onboard. Rays and Plaice made up the bulk of species! Including John with a double shot of Plaice. Thanks for filling the boat at last minute gang!

"Fairchance" Catch Report 11/04/2018


Becky Lee, Simon, Bob and Chris having a good day onboard the "Fairchance". 20 Plaice, 20 Skate and 4 smouthound!!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 08/04/2018


Dave and mike from Kent with some pollock and a couple of codling on board Elizabeth Jane today. 

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 08/04/2018


George with a 10lb ray! Wet start to the day but cleared up to be the best day ive been at sea in this year. Fishing was much slower but thats how it goes! George had the best ray going just over 10lb.

"FairChance" Catch Report 07/04/2018


Fairchance fishing today 01797 363544. Ashford angler Larry Harper and his sister Sue, Drifting the wrecks today. Boated 10 pollock to 5lb and 1 2lb codling, 1 or 2 mackerel starting to show!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 07/04/2018


Shane and crew onboard today. Tried a few wrecks down east with no joy, went closer in and anchored with everyone else for a ray. We had 7 or 8 in total with the biggest going to Shane at 10lb 8oz!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 31/03/2018


Eltham angler Chris Evans with a superb 10lb 5oz Bass caught uprising on Elizabeth Jane today. The fish was weighed, photographed and released

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 31/03/2018


Nice ray for Mark today, Unfortunately the trip was taken short due to a couple of other crew being uvercome by sea sickness. 

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 25/03/2018


James Miller with a nice ray just over 10lbs.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 25/03/2018

A touch of spring in the air at sea today. Few rays, smooth hound and a plaice for Algis and crew. "Elizabeth Jane" was anchored next to us and had 4 smooth hound. Worth fishing with a bit of crab next trip????

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 11/03/2018


Barry and crew from Tonbridge on today. Biggest fish went to George with a 9 1/2lb. Bit of sunshing and calm sea's making a very enjoyable day! Sometimes its best to fish for what is around. Skate fishing can offer easy fun sporting fishing not far from home!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 14/01/2018


Steve crimmins and crew from Herne bay,Kent with some nice codling and specimen whiting onboard “Elizabeth Jane “ today

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 28/12/2017


Gavin Lee from Essex with a fine double figure spurdog, which was retuned alive!

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 27/10/2017


Matt Butler and crew on board today from Sittingbourne, Kent

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 14/10/2017


Steve from Tonbridge Wells with a nice Tub Gurnard!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 14/10/2017


Species hunt today. Think there was about 13 in total, including Codling, Skate, Black Bream, Garfish, Mackerel, Tub and Red Gurnard! Here's Roland with one of his skate!

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 08/10/2017


Simon from Colchester with his 11lb Cod, caught today onboard Sea Otter

"Fair Chance" Catch Report 04/10/2017


Nathan Levi Smith onboard today landed 2 fine cod! 1 at 17lb and the other going just over 11lb. Phil Edwards also had 1 at 3lb. 

"Elizabeth Jane" Catch Report 27/09/2017


Sid Webb and crew from Bexley Heath, Kent onboard "Elizabeth Jane" today enjoying some great black bream fishing.

"Sea Otter" Catch Report 23/09/2017


Well thought today might be a good time for an experimental Cod trip. Uptiding a few cuttle and dungy lug baits produced 3 Cods, 1 Ray, Few channel whitings and 3 strap Congers. Not the motherload but it is promising to see winter Cod showing on the Dungeness Coast. They're coming!

Gavin Lee with a fine 13lb Pollock

Nice 7lber for James

Sunny day for

"Fair Chance"

Robert's first trip goes well!

"Sea Otter"

Nice Turbot for the "FairChance"

"Elizabeth Jane"

Phil with a superb Bass!

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