Useful Tips On What To Bring



- Fishing Rods & tackle 

You are welcome to bring your own fishing rods and tackle.You will be advised by your skipper on what would be best suited for the type of fishing you will be doing on the day, However for those who are new to the sport and dont have there own fishing equipment we are happy to supply you with fishing rods and all the tackle you will need, This may be an additional cost.


- Bait 

Again your skipper will inform you on the type of bait you will need to use to catch the type of fish you'll be targeting that day. However we can supply the bait for you at additional costing, but you will need to give us as much notice as possible.



Suitable outdoor footwear, perferably wellies or water resistant shoes.



Wooly hat/ Baseball Cap


Sun cream

This is a genral list of bits to think about depenent on the season, If you are unsure ask your skipper.


- Food

All of the boats here provide tea & coffee, However dont forget your lunch! and a bottel of water.






Sam Mcloud with a fine Blonde Ray

Nice Brill for Gavin

Bright Red Gurnard for David

Fine Bass for Steve Chisholm

PB Conger for Paul Wood

Gavin Lee with a fine 13lb Pollock

Nice 7lber for James

Sunny day for

"Fair Chance"

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